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Every 5 gigabytes of additional traffic

$2,5 per month

$2,5 per month

$2,5 per month

Any additional IP

$100 per month

$100 per month

$100 per month

Any additional domain

$2,5 per month

$2,5 per month

$2,5 per month

Every 2 DNS Dedicated

$20 annually

$20 annually

$20 annually

$49/M Regularly
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$59/M Regularly
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$49/M Regularly
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FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How can I manage the purchased hosting service?

Professional Linux hosting services have the Cpanel professional control panel and you can easily manage your hosting service as well as your emails.

Is the use of “unlimited” on hosting services unlimited?

As you know, there is nothing unlimited, in the hosting plans of the infinite order, there is no computation on the amount of consumption, and there is no limit to the consumption of disk space and any other unlimited item specified in the table. Of course, the use of unlimited services is subject to the terms and conditions of the contract, which you can read in full on the link to these terms and conditions of use and withdrawal terms of use.

Can I use professional web hosting services to host any website?

The use of professional hosting services for any hosting service that is in the scope of the terms stated in the terms of the contract can be purchased and used. This service is highly powerful in terms of hardware and high-speed service, and therefore for Setting up commercial and large projects is very convenient

How do you make a backup of professional Linux host servers?

There is a possibility for the backup to be provided when the client has an active contract with us, we can not guarantee that the backup provided is definitely complete and correct, which will enable you to make backup in the control panel for you. And we always recommend that you regularly rebuild your service and keep up-to-date with your hosting service.

Can I upgrade to a higher service after I’ve got the service?

Yes, you can do this easily.

Is the space used for my site’s database shared with my site’s main space?

Yes, but limited, which is written in the specification sheet of each hosting.

Can I partition a professional Linux hosting service and sell it to others?

You will not be able to sell the service you have purchased to others. In these cases, you can use web hosting reseller services.

What is a professional Linux hosting?

A professional Linux hosting service is a very powerful hosting service provider for hosting high-volume, commercial and store websites. The features of this service include the NVMe high-speed hard drive, Lightweight 8-core web server and host The limited number of websites is on each server.

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