We are a team of digital marketers, web developers and search engine specialists who understand how the internet “thinks” and works. We have joined forces to create a full service internet marketing agency that utilizes the massive power of the internet for the benefit of our clients.

100000+ Domain Names Registered

90000+ WebSites Hosted

45000+ Customers

What we do



We Keeps Your Website Up and Running

This will increase the popularity of your website. We update your content on your website to keep it user-friendly.



Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

Before you choose your hosting plan, you need to find the right hosting company. The goals of committed executives and our expert colleagues are always to identify the needs of our customers and provide the best services based on the most advanced technologies of the world around the country.

What makes us unique?


We love helping clients break their market’s boundaries.  We have launched numerous advertising campaigns targeting countries across the globe and we have worked with many clients on improving their international SEO competency.


We are very creative but at the same time we are very analytical as we believe that digital marketing is more than just an art, it’s a science.
We know that people like people, so we try turning our science into an emotive experience.


Our team includes highly skilled software engineers who are involved in every aspect of the projects that we undertake. Notably, our projects are never technology driven but always guided by realistic business objectives.


As driven as we are to acquire knowledge, we are just as motivated to share it with our clients. This is because we believe that working in synergistic partnership with others forms incredible relationships capable of achieving great things.

Why choose us?

Our Experience Can Boost Your Business

For over 9 years our digital marketing team have gained a lot from working with hundreds of clients across all industries, helping them sell online to international clients all over the world. We have learnt a few lessons in marketing strategy which might help your business grow too!

Our Clients Have Taught Us Well!

We learn from our clients as much as they learn from working with us. The valuable insights that we have gained from such a diverse range of clients and working hard to overcome their challenges is probably our best asset to new clients who are evaluating us as a digital agency – because you cannot buy or gain such experience without hard work and putting in long hours and our new clients benefit from that wealth of insights when doing business online.

Let Us Empower You

When it comes to driving more profitable sales leads online every winning business needs an experienced mentor, a trusted agency to assist with lead generation via online digital marketing – that’s digital-marketing.co

Reliability, Speed and Security
Our service safety is our gift
Responsive Design
Can be displayed on a variety of laptop devices
Easy Knowledge Base
Our data support team will use up-to-date databases for you
Free Web Tools & Applications
We will take advantage of free web tools for you
24/7 Award Winning Support
Our support team will be answerable to you 24 hours a day.
Free Updates Lifetime
Your website service will be upgraded for up to three months

Our Management Team

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Director of the Robin Net Group Support Team

majid abbasi manager

Director of sales department director Robin Net and director of IT department

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ui designer

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php developer

sara arjmand the Secretary

the Secretary

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WordPress Worker